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We started this journey to create a valuable catalogue with the help of orijinal projects with high musicality, surpass the expectations of the audience with these projects and make our name known in the international music scene with our artists and innovative works.

01.2014 "Hafif Batı Müziği" / Elif Çağlar - single

While the preparations for the second jazz album were on going, Elif Çağlar surprised music lovers with an acoustic pop jazz single 'Hafif Batı Müziği'. Music and lyrics by Elif, herself, lyrics in Turkish, this single consists of two tracks and can only be found on digital platforms. view all

12.2010 "M-U-S-I-C" / Elif Çağlar - albüm

Elis is referred to be amongst the most beloved of the Turkish jazz scene, she offers a unique experience with her first solo album M-U-S-I-C. The album is a combination of soul, bossa, folk, pop, rock, reggae, drum’n'bass and swing with lively and entertainşng songs, all music and lyrics by Elif Çağlar. view all